Tiny Home

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

Lao Tzu

I’m Going Tiny Because…

  1.  I HATE clutter – having less space and less room helps accumulate less shit
  2.  I want to use my money more intentionally – living tiny will allow me to live rent-free (thanks mom n dad!) and put that money elsewhere
  3.  ^ I want to pay off debt! – Thanks to having lowered living costs, I will be able to put more money towards paying off student loans and paying off my car, something that would have taken minimum 5 years before I made the decision to go tiny
  4.  ^^ I want to travel – Growing up I always heard stories from my parents who lived abroad when my dad was stationed in Germany. My ears were filled with nighttime frolics through Paris, seeing an exploding Italian volcano from helicopter views, skiing in Switzerland, viewing the Mona Lisa, on and on. I grew up jealous and wishful of those experiences, and it’s my goal before  I’m 30 to visit 15 different countries. Living minimal will allow me to do this.
  5. I want the experience of building my own home. SO MUCH goes into construction work, albeit too much? that at times my brain feels overfilled and knowledge is leaking out. Nevertheless, I have been soaking up as much information as possible.
  6.  I think it’s important my parents still have a kid living at home. My parents own 3 acres here in central Missouri; it is a beautiful property with a large garden, pond, several outbuildings, hottub, pool, and room for the whole family to gather. However, my parents are getting older, my mother isn’t in the best health, and the property needs A LOT of upkeep, especially if we want it to stay in the family. With me living on the property, I am able to assist as a farmhand, but still have my own space. I am blessed to have a healthy relationship with my family – we are friends who live and work well together, so it isn’t hard at all being here. 

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