We Have Windows!

Hey everyone!

Good news – windows were delivered the other weekend!

On August 10th I scooted myself on over to Mid-City Lumber Yard and purchased 7 windows for the Tiny Home. Among those purchased were…

One 6×3 sliding glass window – Kitchen

One 3×4 sliding glass window – Living Room, on the south wall

One 2×4 sliding glass window – Bathroom, on the south wall

Two 4×2 picture windows – North and south walls, in-between the lofts. 

Two 4×2 sliding clear story windows – Loft, on the north and south walls

Thankfully, Mid-City has the most affordable window treatment options in central Missouri, and I was able to save SO much money compared to what I would have spent on the same products at a big box store. Plus who doesn’t love supporting local businesses?!

In total, my windows cost $1200 – which is a lot for 7 windows, but keep in mind these are all custom made, so really quite cheap. 

What also helped with the price tag, was my dad offered to let them bill them on his account, and I could make payments, instead of paying the bulk cost upfront. His generosity and patience is really helping this whole process go easier than I could have imagined.

Exactly 3 weeks later, my windows were delivered! Look at the beauties.

They are BIG. And BEAUTIFUL. And they all came with screens!

These are new construction, double paned, vinyl windows by the brand Quaker. And while I originally wanted black on the exterior and white on the interior, I did not feel like spending an extra $150/window just so I could have my desired color scheme. Instead, I’m going to paint the exterior framing of each window black.

And yes people, vinyl CAN be painted – you just have to have the paint specially formulated to be outdoor proof, and mixed up by Sherman Williams. They are the best, and this way I’ll just buy a gallon of $60 paint instead of spending an extra grand on black windows. We love a money saving scheme šŸ™‚

Today’s post is short, but just a fun little update. It’s so rewarding seeing all these bits and pieces and plans coming together.