A New Roof

Good Mooorningggggg ya’ll!

**This post was drafted December 27th**

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas week. We are 4 days out and my inner child is *slightly* freaking out. Nothing beats waking up Christmas morning and unwrapping presents, eating french toast casserole, and spending the day snuggled in front of the fire. 

Today, I’m throwing us back to before Thanksgiving, back to when I had my roof installed. Yes. My beautiful house has a beautiful roof, and she is sooo nice. 

As many of ya’ll know, I decided to install a black metal roof for multiple reasons

  1. Metal roofs are known for their durability. I don’t have the largest income, and didn’t want to worry about roof repairs and leaks down the road. They don’t corrode or crack, and per warranty you’re guaranteed 50-70 years without issues. Not that I’ll be living here for 30 years or anything, but I will be living here worry free about roof leaks.
  2. They are more environmentally friendly – although asphalt shingles are being recycled more, a metal roof provides a flat, stable platform for homeowners who want to install rooftop solar panels, and collect rainwater. I want to do both.
  3. Metal roofs are VERY energy efficient – even though I’ll be installing a mini split system for heating/cooling which is a pretty efficient system in itself, a solar heat reflecting roof will also help. During the summer, metal roofs are proven to reduce cooling costs by 25% – and as a girl who keeps her home at 68 degrees, I know my wallet will appreciate a reduced bill. 
  4. Plus they look nice and I’m a sucker for a nice looking anything

Although metal roofs are much more expensive than asphalt shingles, I’m blessed with a tiny roof. I’m finding I can afford nicer things when I don’t have much to buy in the first place, tiny home perk!

So with my decision made, dad and I purchased the roof and brought her home 3 days later. Driving in the truck with 4ft of metal hanging off was probably not the best decision, but I’m also cheap when it comes to a $150 delivery fee for a 15minute drive. Ridiculous right?!

So. With metal in hand I set to work finding someone who could install it for us. Dad and I are both scared of heights and the roof is about 20ft in the air, not to mention we have no way of getting up there, so I put an ad out on Facebook Marketplace. I received several inquiries almost immediately, and after having two people out for quotes, I hired Derek Ritter out of Brookfield, MO. Although he was two hours away, he was more than willing to do the job, and he had availabilities for that same weekend!

A day later, my roof was installed. She is black and bold, and although you can’t see much of her from the ground, I had Derek take a picture when he was up there. Doesn’t she look nice?!

I was worried we would be able to see the silver screws, but they were black as well! Score!

Now the building is *almost* waterproofed for winter, it looks great, and dad and I didn’t have to face our fear of falling off a roof to our deaths 😂😂

Anyways, thanks to everyone for sticking around. This has been quite the extensive journey, and a lot hasn’t gone according to plan, (safe to say I’m more than looking forward to working inside the house, that’s moreso where dad and I thrive) but I am looking forward to sharing the almost last bit of exterior work with you guys later this week!