Introducing My Living Room Mood Board

PNW Inspired

I’m finally sharing my living room mood board! Featuring walnut built-in’s, a forest green accent wall, Pacific Northwest inspired decor, and black pipe accents.

When designing this space, I knew I wanted something warm and comfortable, but also something dramatic and bold. I am a lover of all things eclectic, and tend to combine several different styles to create my own.

This color palette is everything. Bold reds and oranges, similar to the redwood trees in Oregon.

Rich greens and purples, not unlike the glaciers, forests and foggy valleys surrounding Mt. Rainier

June of 2020, I visited Oregon and Washington for the first time ever. I immediately fell in love with them; from the old hippies at the Eugene farmers market, to hiking in Forest Park in Portland, to the views of Mt Rainier from the Japanese gardens. Ever since that trip, the Pacific Northwest holds a special place in my heart, and I am itching to return. 

It made sense for me to return without visiting, by bringing the colors into my home, as well as decorating with PNW artwork…. bringing my memories back to life. Throw in a dash of LOTR vibes with black accents, and you have my dream living room. 

Although it is undoubtedly a small space, I plan to open it up with white walls and large windows. My main/accent wall in the space will be painted a forest green, with deep walnut built-in bookshelves. I’ll hang my TV in the place, and possibly install an electric fireplace underneath. 

Instead of artwork, my TV will be hung in the center. I really like the layout and size of these shelves, especially the cabinet storage available underneath the shelving.
This green color is BEAUTIFUL, although I’d prefer mine slightly darker and richer. Multiple throw pillows, luxe throws and the macrame textures really liven up the room.
The neutral rug and leather accents really tie in all the warm pieces, doesn’t this look like the perfect place to read a book?

Hopefully these inspiration pictures gave you a sneak peek into my eclectic brain. As you can probably tell, I LOVE dark, rich tones, and I always have. My clothing colors of choice have always been jewel and darker tones, so it’s natural my home would reflect those decisions. Book storage, a comfortable sofa and dark academia knick knacks are definitely my aesthetic, and I can’t wait to take you guys along the painting and decorating journey.

Keep close to nature’s heart…and break

clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.

Wash you spirit clean.

John Muir

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Hey! I'm Sarah, a 27 year old navigating this thing called life with the help of my two dogs, a giant stack of TBR books, an unending to-do list, and a can-do attitude. I write about my journey to debt free living, body acceptance, modeling, tiny home life, and travel. It is my eventual goal to leave my 9 - 5 and create full-time, join me on my adventure! Sincerely, Sarah

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