All of Me August

All of Me August is a health challenge I am participating in.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a member of this fitness program called the Sculpt You, except the program focuses on so much more than just fitness. The woman behind the program, Katrina, created a monthly program and all female community that focuses on all aspects of health; from recipes and meal planning/shopping lists, to workouts (both at home and gym) and guided yoga sessions, to mental health betterment (including journal prompts and meditation) and a Facebook group where the Sculpt Squad members can discuss literally everything under the sun. It’s super refreshing to get on FB, a platform usually filled with political banter, and see women sharing their journal entries, workout struggles, favorite athletic wear, how-to-get-over-a-shitty-boyfriend and more.

And no, I’m not being paid to say all this. Katrina and her team don’t even know I’m writing this.

I’m truly just in love with this program. 

Anywhosies, every month they start a new challenge with a new workout split, new recipes, and new journal prompts. The idea is to start each month fresh, and the challenge provides a way of being held accountable for completing each day. 

Well, you-know-who signed up to participate, so every day I’m challenging myself to…

  1. Follow the workouts – either in the gym or at home
  2. Walk a mile with Kobe (obviously not included in the challenge but I like to walk him anyways)
  3.  Write in my journal
  4.  Participate in a yoga or meditation sesh
  5. Try not to eat out as much

I plan on keeping track of my progress in further detail on my Instagram page,under the “SculptYou” highlight tab. Hopefully I’ll also recap each week on here.

Today is August 5th, 2020 – Day 1 of the All of Me August challenge. I have already taken my walk (3000 steps per thee ole Fitbit), journaled this morning, and as soon as I can clock off work, plan on doing a yoga flow, and the leg day werk. 

I’m hoping this challenge allows me to put more inward focus on myself; to strengthen my body and mind, and to learn more about my inner working and what makes me *me*. I’m a firm believer that self care and being selfish about your alone time is essential to personal growth, so I’m excited to see what I can accomplish this next month. 

Here’s to All of Me August ❤

Sincerely, Sarah


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Hey! I'm Sarah, a 27 year old navigating this thing called life with the help of my two dogs, a giant stack of TBR books, an unending to-do list, and a can-do attitude. I write about my journey to debt free living, body acceptance, modeling, tiny home life, and travel. It is my eventual goal to leave my 9 - 5 and create full-time, join me on my adventure! Sincerely, Sarah

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