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I’m Going Tiny!

I’m finally going tiny!

A few years ago, I became hooked on Tiny Home videos, where hosts such as Bryce Langston (Living Big in a Tiny House) gave tours of various tiny homes and alternative living spaces throughout the world. I was fascinated by the idea of owning less so I could live more – many of you who know me in person know it has always been a dream of mine to travel the world. With travel usually costing a pretty penny, I always figured those were dreams for retired Sarah, I-finally-made-it Sarah, Sarah with grown kids and a wealthy husband. Sugar Daddy who?

But this concept of tiny, minimal living, makes it seem like the average Joe can afford lavish vacations and exotic holidays. FYI I don’t have a college degree, more on that later, and I don’t have a Sugar Daddy (yet, still working on that though, storytime tomorrow?), so money is usually always tighter over here. Not complaining though, because I’m an excellent penny pincher and am happy with where I’m at. I know I live a blessed life compared to many. 

So for years I considered and researched the Tiny Home Lifestyle. I had dreams of white shiplap and no rent payments and Tahiti tours, until quite recently, when I decided to take those dreams and turn them into my reality.

Fast forward to March of 2020. I’m quarantined in my parents house, after making the decision to move out of my city townhome and back to the country, and have my eye on their outbuilding, “The Woodshed”. th1-1

The Woodshed is currently being used as a storage facility, think crates of childhood toys, camping gear, various lumber and spare siding bits, desks, box TV’s, golf clubs; various remnants of past lives, all crammed into this 11x24ft building. I began looking at the building in a different light – could this, maybe, *possibly* be turned into something more? Is she sturdy, is she safe?

I pondered this idea for months. I calculated how much it would cost to transform this shelter into a home, would it end up saving me money or costing more than it’s worth? Was it possible to hook up to the properties water and electric lines? How much of the work could be completed DIY style? And did I even want to live so close to my folks?

By May, I had decided that yes, this project would save me money in the long run. If I put what I was normally spending on rent at my townhome into this conversion, it would pay for itself in a year. A $10,000 home, not to shabby right? I realized that yes, it would be possible to hook up to water and electric. That most of the work would be able to be completed by my dad and I. And yes, I didn’t mind living on the same property as my family. I’ve always been fond of community-style living, not to mention my family are my most favorite people to be around. And I’m sure they would appreciate the extra help with managing the property.

End of May, I proposed my idea to my dad, who to my surprise, agreed to the plan, for all the reasons already discussed. The one person I was kind of nervous discussing this with was in full agreement, and already excited. He mentioned that he had been wanting to turn the woodshed into something, but he had no ideas as to what. We both agreed the tiny home will be the perfect addition to both our lives.

So that’s it! That’s the *official* beginning to this tiny home journey, and I can’t WAIT to see where it takes me, not to mention where this blog goes from here.